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3 Vital Components to Implement in Your E-Commerce Website – Our Guide


As the ever-expansive world of modern e-commerce continues to shape the way people consume goods and services, businesses are now urged to take the right steps towards capitalising on countless opportunities at hand.


Given the sheer importance of online selling today, businesses are also urged to come up with websites that are compliant with growing standards. A website, no matter how fundamentally-sound it may be, will not suffice in getting as many sales and conversions as it should if it doesn’t stand out. This means that it is essential to provide a standout experience for your customers if you want to generate profit.

Given the advent of smartphones and tablets, it’s no secret that handheld devices are now a staple part of any consumer’s life which helps them do everything, and buying needs are no exception.

Fortunately, building an attractive and effective e-commerce website doesn’t have to entail a trail-and-error experience in finding which add-ons work best. If you’ve been looking to build your own business’s presence in the online marketplace, here are three key components you should implement in your e-commerce website:


1. Responsive web design


Given the advent of smartphones and tablets, it’s no secret that handheld devices are now a staple part of any consumer’s life which helps them do everything, and buying needs are no exception. Succeeding as a business in today’s smartphone-dependent consumer market entails making sure that your website can also adapt to user preferences by being as responsive as possible. 


By using responsive web design, you will provide a more optimal user experience (UX) for users when they shop for items on your website. With this feature, your website will always look its best no matter what device it’s accessed with so that you can help your business satisfy more customers in the most effective and efficient way!


2. Consistent branding across all pages


An important factor that you need to take into mind when dealing with your website is that brands are moving consumers to act, buy, and return more than ever. Thanks to the strengthened power of branding in the eyes of today’s consumers (who are predominantly visual learners), consistent branding has earned its place as a difference-maker for any e-commerce business. By ensuring consistent branding, you can create satisfactory experiences for potential customers and help them develop a certain level of trust towards your brand right off the bat.

3. Convenient and effective navigation


Admittedly, today’s internet users are far less patient than they used to be. With the average waiting time dwindling down to a mere two seconds or less and a low tolerance for confusion growing common among users, website owners are urged to keep everything simple, especially when it comes to site navigation. Thankfully, keeping your website up-to-date on growing standards doesn’t have to be rocket science as even the simplest practices will undoubtedly suffice, such as:

  • Minimising the amount of text that disorient your website visitors
  • Providing an effective search bar with easy usability
  • Making sure your products are easily found in four clicks or less
  • Clear CTAs and navigation patterns on all web pages

Building an effective e-commerce website is all about taking all the key details—both big and small—into consideration. With the help of the three components mentioned above, you can incorporate your online store with a strong foundation that’s conducive for profitable operations and desirable website experiences to keep customers coming back!


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